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Promoting Innovation, Sustainability, and Healthy Ecosystems to Benefit People and the Planet

our history

more than 30 years of industry-leading service

EMR began in 1988 as a small startup company named Environmental Management Resources Inc. with three employees and has grown into a company with more than 250 employees worldwide. From its inception, EMR’s story has been one of leadership, and our history continues to be characterized by the imprint of outstanding individuals—beginning with two of the firm’s founders, Mike and Connie Cook.

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our ceo

EMR has a history that extends more than 30 years. We continually strive to be one of the best small businesses, not only financially but in the communities where we work, making each of them a better place as we continue to build a better company.

We are guided by a culture centered on action. It reflects our values and behaviors as a service provider, marketer, employer and neighbor while striving for continuous improvement as a corporate citizen.

As we strive to build better communities, we’ve set clear goals in every aspect of corporate responsibility, from environmental sustainability to workplace safety. These goals draw a clear line for us as a company, and we’re confident that we will continue to meet those goals with the full commitment and efforts of our employees.

Our customers are the driving force behind everything we do. We place their needs above all, and their message is clear: How we perform our services is as important to them as the products we produce.

The world is changing fast, and we have to change even faster. As we strive to grow our business in a difficult economic climate, we won’t take shortcuts in responsibility to achieve our goals. The mark of a great business is not how you perform during the good times, but how you deliver results when times are tough.

In the years ahead, EMR looks forward to building on the foundations we’ve established.


Connie S. Cook

more than three decades of excellence as

an award-winning environmental solutions company

EMR Inc. started 30 years ago as a Washington–based environmental firm providing asbestos-management services, environmental consulting, and operations for industrial-wastewater treatment plants and management services to the railroad industry. As the service needs of our customers continued to expand, so did our company. Today, headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, under the name EMR Environmental LLC, our company has grown into an award-winning, globally-recognized company that provides expanded environmental and emergency-management and -response services.

Along the way, EMR—a certified Woman-Owned Small Business—has received awards for the SBA National Small Business of the Year, SBA Region 7 Office 8(a) Graduate of the Year, BNSF Distinguished Supplier Award, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Top 10 Small Business, and the SAME National Small Business of the Year.

Industry Expertise

Trust and Reliability

Cost-Effective Solutions

Commitment to Employees and Customers

here are a few more of our

company highlights


Environmental Management Resources Inc. is established in Washington


EMR Inc. opens offices in Minnesota, Texas, and Illinois


The name of Environmental Management Resources Inc. changes to EMR Inc.


EMR is awarded a $12 million emergency response contract to clean up some of the most damaged areas of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina


EMR receives the Distinguished Supplier Award from BNSF Railway


EMR awarded the $3 billion JTAV AFCEE Worldwide Environmental Restoration and Construction Performance Based Remediation Contract, and is named a Top 10 Small Business by the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce


EMR completes a $20 million contract in response to the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico


EMR is awarded a contract for the AFCEC Architect-Engineering 2013 Environmental Services Program ($500 million)


EMR becomes EMR Environmental LLC to focus solely on environmental remediation, site assessments, emergency management and response, and health & safety and compliance services

our purpose and

core values

our mission:

  • Attract, develop, and retain talented employees who share our vision
  • Understand and serve our customers through partnership and sound project-management practices
  • Give back to our community, our country, and our world
  • Encourage and embody the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Endeavor always to make our best even better

our purpose:

Improve the Lives of Others

When we strive to improve the lives of others, our own lives will be elevated to a new vantage point.

Family of Families

EMR recognizes the role that family plays in the lives of our employees. We listen to our employees and work hard to keep them successful at work and home.


EMR got its start helping customers “do more with less.” Changing processes just to try something new is meaningless, but finding a new process that provides real savings is “doing more with less”—the kind of innovation that EMR is famous for.


At EMR, success means that we support people, the planet, and profit (the Triple Bottom Line). Because our purpose is to improve the lives of others, EMR donates a percentage of our profits to support local and national charities that help those who inspire us. Many of EMR’s innovations promote sustainability and healthy ecosystems that benefit people and the planet. EMR believes in fair and honest capitalism—an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.


From the first day of its existence, EMR’s owners have followed the Golden Rule—treating others as we wish to be treated. EMR’s goal is to treat its family, customers, subcontractors, and vendors with straightforward honesty.

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