Dry cleaner remediation
dry cleaning remediation
dry cleaning remediation

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EMR has held a contract with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) since 2010 to assess and remediation current and former dry cleaning sites throughout Kansas.  EMR has successfully completed remedial investigation (RI) activities at 20 sites, which included installation of soil vapor, soil, and groundwater probes inside and outside of the dry cleaner facilities to accurately determine the location and size of potential contamination source areas. Soil vapor samples are collected using Gore Sorber® equipment. These types of assessments are valuable in minimizing the number of soil samples and groundwater monitoring wells required to delineate soil and groundwater contamination onsite and offsite. RI activities defined groundwater contaminant plumes over two miles long, impacting both surficial and intermediate aquifers.


EMR has implemented a variety of remedial technologies at the dry cleaner sites impacted with PCE, TCE, cis-1,2 DCE, and Vinyl Chloride, including soil excavation and offsite disposal, source removal by large diameter borings (LDBs), air sparging, soil vapor extraction, and in situ chemical oxidation treatment. At one site, a total of 170 tons of contaminated soil was removed using LDBs due to the proximity to nearby buildings. To treat impacted groundwater and residual soil contamination, EMR installed air sparge and soil vapor extraction wells in the LDBs prior to backfilling. EMR successfully achieved remedy-in-place or remedy complete at many of the dry cleaning sites.


Kansas Department of Health and Environment


Multiple Sites in Kansas

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