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Under a one-year contract, EMR provided environmental compliance support for multiple aspects of the environmental program at Whiteman AFB, including asset management action schedules; monitoring, permitting, reporting, inspecting, and maintaining records for storage tanks; and spill prevention. The objective was to develop environmental permit and storage tank compliance and reporting processes tailored to meet applicable requirements of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). As necessary, EMR developed Base and shop-specific procedures, created and implemented a filing recordkeeping program, developed process-specific training materials, and provided support in meetings with USEPA and MDNR.

While EMR’s main focus was managing the tank program, we also provided support with multiple environmental management programs including hazardous waste management, used oil program, air and construction permits, and National Pollutant and Discharge Elimination System Stormwater permits and inspections. EMR developed a “continuity book” that fully and concisely documented storage tanks, compliance points, schedules, permits, and recordkeeping requirements. This “continuity book” is a living document that can be edited and updated on a regular basis by Whiteman AFB personnel.


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Whiteman AFB, MO

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