coos head air base
coos head air base

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EMR was contracted to investigate and remediate a benzene plume at the Coos Head Air National Guard Base. EMR engineers and operators developed an innovative, safe, and fast-acting oxidation technology and built the delivery system to distribute the chemical to the impacted soil and groundwater. This was a high profile project with media covering developments because the plume had migrated toward a public beach park. EMR’s innovative cleanup solution prevented exposure of the beach to contaminated groundwater potentially discharging from the cliff above Bastendorff Beach Park.

EMR self-performed an innovative sodium persulfate injection utilizing our in-house design and fabrication of an all stainless steel pressure injection system. The system was capable of delivering fluids to the subsurface via wand or monitoring wells. The stainless steel construction allowed for injection of hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, or sodium persulfate. Our chemical engineers took bench scale study results and selected an appropriate concentration of oxidizers, catalysts, and injection volume. EMR completed the first and second round injections, follow-up soil and groundwater monitoring, and closure letter within 14 months. As a result of the successful cleanup, site closure was achieved and was listed among other properties at the installation to be returned to the public.


Oregon Air National Guard


Coos Head, OR

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