Robins landfill cap

project details

EMR performed an environmental restoration project with both RCRA and CERCLA regulatory components that included wetlands remediation and installation of a solid waste landfill cap at the end of an active military runway. Inactive sanitary landfill Solid Waste Management Unit 23 was located immediately adjacent to wetlands at the end of the main runway and was leaching contaminants into the OU-2 wetlands area. USEPA required Robins AFB to place an earthen cap on the landfill site and excavate three feet of selected areas of the wetlands to remove the hazardous waste contaminants (arsenic, cadmium, lead and silver).

Base personnel worked closely with regulators and the public to get approval to perform the work. EMR followed the specified technical approach while watching for and implementing risk reductions to the downstream wetlands and storm drainage system. The potential threat of contamination downstream of the OU-2 wetlands area was eliminated, the objectives of the Proposed Plan were met, and the site was closed under full state and federal regulatory compliance and a status of No Further Action. EMR completed the field work six weeks ahead of schedule.


Department of the Air Force


Robins AFB, GA

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