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A 27-acre property owned by a Class I Railroad was impacted by the operation of a nearby former smelter facility and became contaminated with cadmium and zinc. The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) Record of Decision for the Soil Remediation Unit at the former Blackwell Zinc Smelter Site stated that the facility’s operations resulted in the release of hazardous substances into the soil.

EMR was the prime remediation contractor for the cleanup. The excavation activities included the removal of approximately 5,000 linear feet of railroad track owned and operated by a shortline railroad in Blackwell. EMR was responsible for removing the tracks and excavating the metals-impacted soil in accordance with the Excavation Plan developed by the onsite consultant. Soil that was characterized as non-hazardous (6,660 cubic yards) was direct loaded into over-the-road transport trucks and dispositioned in a client-approved landfill.

Soil that was characterized as hazardous (9,323 cubic yards) was stockpiled in a central location in 250-cubic yard stockpiles and stabilized using a 10 percent amendment of Portland Cement. EMR determined the ratio of stabilization agent required by performing a bench-scale test during the proposal activity. The excavation areas were successfully remediated and a No Further Action determination was obtained from the ODEQ. The excavation areas were backfilled and the railroad tracks were reinstalled in accordance with the project specifications.


Class I Railroad Client


Blackwell, OK

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